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20th April 2016
Nine Months of Successful Operation

23rd December 2014
New Order for Limestone Plant in Texas

20th December 2014
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15th November 2013
Hot Commissioning
8,000 TPH

3rd October 2011
Sizer Success at Lignite Mine

3rd August 2011
Semi-Mobile Sizer Stations for Africa

13th May 2011
China Coal Orders High Capacity IPCC System

11th April 2011
Macedonia places first MMD order

31st March 2011
MMD Sizes Carbon Anodes

28th January 2010
Over Ten Years of Sizer Success

29th January 2009
First MMD Sizers to Turkey

28th August 2008
First MMD Sizer for Bolivia

12th August 2008
One Sizer Does It All

7th February 2008
Modern Plant, Modern Equipment

17th September 2007
Sizer Replaced After 23 Years of Service

3rd September 2007
Plant Modernisation Leads to New MMD Plate Feeder Order

23rd April 2007
New 200 Series Sizer Developed

27th September 2006
New Sizer System for Indian Cement Plant

7th July 2006
Niquel Mining in Venezuela

25th April 2006
One Sizer – Two Products

13th February 2006
First MMD Sizer Order for Kazakhstan

25th August 2005 - Update
On-Site Demo Leads to MMD Sizer Order

12th April 2005
Cement Plant Eliminates Material Handling Problems

15th March 2005
Sizer Replaces Gyratory Crusher

10th February 2005
MMD Win Order for New Coal Preparation Plant in Eastern USA

29th November 2004
Repeat Order from Russian Coal Port

22nd November 2004
MMD D4 Feeder to be Supplied to UK Quarry

19th August 2004
Secondary MMD Sizer Upgrade Improves Production by 20%

24th June 2004
MMD Sizer to Replace Crushing and Screening Equipment

20th April 2004
Mobile MMD Sizer Processes Sticky Chalk for Cement Plant

4th February 2004
MMD Sizer Resolves Sticky Material Process Problems

7th November 2003
Siberian Mine Orders MMD Sizer

24th September 2003
MMD Machines to Supply First Modern Cement Plant in Bangladesh

27st August 2003
First MMD Sizer Order from The Democratic Republic of Congo

21st August 2003
Carbon Anodes Sizer Installed in South Africa

14th August 2003
1,800TPH MMD Mineral Sizer Installed at a Belt Transfer Point

28th July 2003
Sizing in Vietnam for Cement Production

24th July 2003 - Update
First MMD Sizers Delivered to Romania

11th May 2003
Gypsum Mine Installs Complete Sizing Solution

9th April 2003
Coal Mines Order Nine MMD Sizers

21st January 2003
Ex-demo Unit Sold to Diamond Mine in Northern Canada

17th January 2003
Worlds Largest Capacity Underground Sizer Installed

7th January 2003
On Site Tests Lead to Order

5th January 2003
MMD Takes Care of Cement Plant Clay Handling

15th December 2003
American cement plant install MMD Sizers as part of upgrade.

2nd November 2002
Commissioning in Ireland

25th September 2002
10,000TPH Fully Mobile Sizer Station Commissioned

19th September 2002
6,500TPH Overburden Sizing Stations Commissioned

October 2002
New Bauxite Plant in Brazil

28th August 2002
Swiss Tunnelling Project Commissioned

10th June 2002
UK Cement Plant installs MMD D4 Apron Plate Feeder

12 July 1999
First order from Aluminium industry to size Carbon Anodes

12th July 1999
Suncor Millenium Project gets go ahead

16th December 1998
2 Semi Mobile Sizing Stations installed to handle overburden in Russia

12th December 1996
Uranium Tailings Safely Handled by MMD Sizing Plant

1st June 1994
MMD sizer crushes coalmine waste for pipe conveyor transport

5 October 1993
MMD Machines Reclaim Land in Half the Time...