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Three Semi-Mobiles & 400 Tonne Transporter bound for Thailand

Three Semi-Mobiles & 400 Tonne Transporter bound for Thailand

Construction of three Semi-Mobile Sizing Stations and a 400 T Transporter is underway, with the equipment destined for EGAT’s Mae Moh mine in northern Thailand. The mine produces 40,000 tonnes of coal per day and feeds the neighbouring Mae Moh Power Station. Mae Moh is one of the largest coal fired plant in Southeast Asia with a current generating capacity of 2,400 MW.

The order was placed on MMD to help meet the mine’s expansion goals. The contract between MMD and phase 8 operators Sahakol Equipment, was signed on 21st November 2016.

MMD’s manufacturing commitment is being handled by several facilities worldwide, with parts coming from the UK, South Africa, China, India and Thailand.

Each Semi-Mobile station features twin truck bridges, a D9 Feeder and a 1250 Series Sizer, capable of processing overburden at a rate of 6,500 TPH. The new units are due to be commissioned in November 2017.