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IPSC (In-Pit Sizing & Conveying)


In-Pit Sizing and Conveying (IPSC) systems are a cost-effective and safer alternative to discontinuous material transport by dump trucks. Employing either fully mobile, semi mobile or static Sizer units in conjunction with conveyors, IPSC efficiently transports material out of the mine.

Depending on the application, this alternative mining method can significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of expensive dump trucks for material haulage, providing not only economic benefits by using cheaper electrical power, but also environmental benefits such as lower greenhouse gases, dust pollution and noise emissions.

Built utilising solid foundations of the Twin Shaft Mineral Sizerâ„¢ and Heavy Duty Apron Plate Feeder MMD has remained at the forefront of this technology, and has installed many innovative and reliable IPSC units around the world.

Features / Benefits

  • Lower operating costs
    • Fuel
    • Labour
    • Wear parts
    • Carbon emissions
  • Lower costs over life of mine
  • 24 hour continuous higher production rates
  • Powered by electricity instead of fuel for lower carbon emissions, dust and noise
  • Safer, more automated working environment
  • Less equipment and personnel
  • Reduced mine logistics
  • Reduced road preparation
  • Less sensitive to weather conditions