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To complement the capacity and strength of the MMD Twin Shaft Mineral Sizer, the MMD Heavy Duty Apron Plate Feeder is designed to handle the high impact loads created from large ROM material directly dumped onto it. Plate feeders are often arranged beneath tipping points and are key to controlling the throughput of a system. They transport a steady flow of material to the crushing plant, where their combination of reliability and robustness have proven to give many years of trouble free operation.

The MMD apron plate feeder range is capable of handling throughputs up to and over 13,000TPH, with material sizes up to 3m³.

Load At Anytime

There is no need to feather material in or stack the feeder with fine material to cushion the dropped load, the MMD apron plate feeder allows you to dump material at any time. So you have the flexibility to operate without restrictions, maximising production and efficiency through the system.

Loaded by any Machine

We have many successful applications around the world currently loaded by trucks, shovels, draglines, front end loaders, dozers and other types of loading equipment.

Regulated Throughput

Apron Feeders are primarily used to regulate the feed through the system, for this reason MMD feeders are provided with variable speed drives and controls which operates from zero up to maximum speed. The conventional way to drive an Apron feeder is either by hydraulic or electromechanical drives. Both methods deliver high torque at low revs, enabling a fully loaded start up.

Customised For You

We design and supply each Apron Feeder to suit your exact requirements, so you get the best performance and efficiency out of the equipment and the system. Speak to your local MMD Office to start the process of customising your perfect feeder.

Long Life & Easy Maintenance

Each apron feeder is manufactured using only the highest quality components (including genuine CAT™ components) and materials designed to provide a long life with minimal maintenance. Also the open construction of the plate feeder allows for quick and easy routine visual inspections and general maintenance, extending the availability of the machine to ensure you spend more time operating.


In-Built Fines Retrieval

All apron feeders have a small amount of fines spillage; however with our specially manufactured rolled plates the tolerances are tighter than cheaper casting or fabricated plates, which virtually eliminates this issue. To completely eliminate manual clean-up, an automated fines retrieval system or separate fines conveyor can be integrated underneath the feeder to pick up any fines and deliver them back into the main flow of material.

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