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On-Site Demo Leads to MMD Sizer Order

On-Site Demo Leads to MMD Sizer Order

An industrial mineral company has purchased and installed a 625 series sizer for their limestone processing plant in Italy.

Processing plant in Italy

In this operation the less-than 250mm product delivered from the Primary Crusher is screened for material below 100mm, leaving material between 100mm and 250mm to be dropped into the MMD secondary sizer. The MMD 625 secondary sizer accepts material at approximately 700TPH and reduces it to a <100mm product, placing it along with the pre-screened primary crushed material onto the discharge conveyor for further processing at the plant.
Prior to purchasing the MMD Sizer, the Italian company had completed site visits to MMD installations and also observed an on-site demonstration test at the Italian plant using the MMD Street Legal Sizer Unit fitted with the appropriate sizing teeth.