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One Sizer - Two Products

One Sizer - Two Products

MMD have supplied the first ever Sizer to produce two different product sizes from the same machine without adjustment.
The customer wanted to be able to produce a -2” (50mm) product that could be sent directly to the train load-out or when trains were unavailable they wanted to be able to send a -6” (150mm) product to their plant. Their initial concept was to be able to push a machine in and out of the flow as the different product requirements dictated. This idea would obviously be time consuming, cumbersome and would involve a complicated diverter chute system. MMD offered one Sizer that could meet all their requirements with the simple flick of a switch. The Sizer does not need to be moved in and out of the flow and material does not need to be diverted around the Sizer.
Two existing ‘roll’ type crushers were removed as neither could match the tonnage or product sizing requirements. Excessive maintenance costs, lack of parts availability and unscheduled down-time were also all major issues with the existing equipment.