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Semi-Mobile Sizer Stations for Africa

Semi-Mobile Sizer Stations for Africa

MMD Africa has received an order for two semi-mobile coal systems for a major power station expansion in South Africa. Each station has a single tip point for 300 tonne trucks, which dumps 3000tph nominal, into the large capacity hopper. The MMD D9 Apron Plate feeder carries material to the 1300 Series primary Sizer, which places it onto a sacrificial belt leading to the 625 secondary Sizer.

Similar semi-mobile intallation in China
MMD Africa has supplied two semi-mobile Sizing stations to Namibia to process uranium ore. Each station comprises a 1000 Series primary Sizer fed by a MMD D7 Apron Plate Feeder at a nominal rate of 2500TPH. The 300 Tonne capacity hopper has twin-loading points designed for 100 Tonne capacity trucks. The Sizer stations have the capacity to operate at 3500TPH, to minimise the loss of production whilst relocating one of the units.
On a smaller scale, a semi-mobile system supplied to a small independent coalmine in South Africa, comprises a MMD D4 Apron Plate Feeder and 500 series twin shaft sizer all mounted on a skid mounted structure. ROM coal with a top size of 600mm is reduced to a 140mm product at 1000TPH.