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Sizer Success at Lignite Mine

Sizer Success at Lignite Mine

In late 2009, MMD installed a 625 Sizer at the side of another 10year old 625 sizer, now in 2011, following on from this success, the same lignite operation in Czech Republic are updating a second production line with 2 new 625 sizers.
Similar to the 2009 production line the material is fed into the 2 adjacent sizers by a belt conveyor delivering upto 400mm lumps. Chutework gathers the sized material from underneath both sizers and places it centrally on a takeaway belt conveyor leading to the power plant.
Throughput per machine is 1800 tonnes per hour just as in the first production line, thereby producing approximately 7200 tonnes of sized lignite per hour through 2 production lines.