Oil Sands

Oil Sands, Tar Sands and Bitumen Sands. MMD Sizers have been processing these abrasive, sticky materials for 30 years

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Oil Sands

Lower your emissions

As the Oil Sands industry follows the pathway towards net zero emissions, MMD creates the bespoke solutions to help customers achieve their environmental goals.
A common misconception is that Oil Sands is soft and easy to break through. The reality is that Oil Sands is abrasive, sticky and unpredictable. With conditions in the Oil Sands regions ranging from -40 to +30 degrees celsius, there is a real need for versatile and durable solutions.

With our Sizer capability, the cutting-edge technology means our machines are capable of processing Oil Sands in all conditions, all year round, and at high throughput capacities. Whether it’s frozen, sticky or highly abrasive variants of Oil Sands, our Sizers are designed meticulously to ensure consistent material crushing.
The nimble Sizer’s lightweight and low profile design facilitates swift Semi-Mobile Sizer station relocation times while also increasing the opportunity for reducing MSE wall height. The latter in particular, can result in considerable cost savings for your mining operations.

Oil Sands

Experience counts

Having started operating in the Oil Sands industry in 1992, we have the experience and expertise to help your plant reach your long-term business aspirations. No crushing manufacturer has the capabilities nor versatility to provide comparable bespoke solutions.
We have the equipment that can be tailored specifically to your plant requirements. With the Surge Loader, you can offset emissions by reducing truck haul requirements. And our Semi-Mobile Sizer Solutions can have an even greater environmental impact - a reduction of truck fleets minimising travel distance for your Oil Sands operations.

8000 TPH Oil Sand Application
Mobile 6000 TPH Oil Sand Application
Primary oil sand application producing 400mm product
2000 TPH Mobile oil sand application
MMD first Oil sand fixed sizer stations in 1993


Apron Feeder

Accepts oilsand directly dumped whilst delivering a reliable throughput to the system

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To reduce oilsands down to the size you require

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apron plate feeder
fully mobile sizer station

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