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Fully Mobile Surge Loader™

Enhance production, efficiency and safety of your truck and shovel operations.

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Delivers up to 40% more productivity

Compared to conventional truck and shovel operations the Fully Mobile Surge Loader™ can potentially increase system production capacity by up to 40%.

Positioned between the shovel and the truck, the surge loader decouples the truck and shovel operations. The shovel, now not hindered by trucks, can operate freely to provide maximum shovel utilisation; whilst trucks enjoy increased truck loading speed, accuracy and safety.

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Boosts truck efficiency

From faster truck loading and increased payload precision to greater efficiency of truck movements, the Surge Loader improves the efficiency of your truck fleet, so you can haul more with fewer emissions.

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Improves mine safety

The fully autonomous Surge Loader not only enhances production but also increases operator safety within the mine. From a safer loading position to better loading conditions for the truck operator your mine will be safer.

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Up to 40%

Improved Production

Up to 98%

Truck Fill

Up to 95%

Shovel Utilisation

Fully Mobile Surge Loader Range

The Surge Loader is tailored to the precise requirements of your mine. Whatever your surge capacity or truck fleet size, we will deliver the perfect solution to optimise your performance.

surge loader D4
surge loader D7
surge loader D10
fully mobile surge loader D11

≈3,000 MTPH Throughput

*Material and feed equipment dependant

≈7,000 MTPH Throughput

≈15,000 MTPH Throughput

>15,000 MTPH Throughput

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Our advanced Customised Analysis Report can help you understand the benefits for your specific mine.

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Apron Feeder

At the heart of the surge loader is the Apron Feeder. MMD Apron feeders offers the best heavy duty feeding solution available.

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Innovation is at our heart

For over 40 years MMD have engineered mining equipment to work in some of the harshest conditions and such pioneering innovations as our Surge Loaders are devised thanks to our Research & Developmental culture

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