Fixed Sizer Stations

Fixed Sizer stations combine conveyor haulage efficiency with truck and shovel flexibility to improve productivity and reach your ESG commitments.

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Reduce operating costs and improve efficiency

Fixed Sizer Stations are commonly fixed in position for the life of the mine and process ore or waste delivered by truck. Material is Sized ready for an efficiency haul by conveyor to the process plant. Using trucks within the mine delivers the versatility you require in the pit while sizing and conveying delivers high-efficiency.

The design of our Fixed sizer stations is similar to our relocatable Semi-Mobile Sizer Stations, however they are fixed in place to foundations.

Working together, we can improve your efficiency, reduce your operating costs and save you money in the long run too.

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Research and development

Our machinery and products are designed developed with longevity in mind. We have IPSC installations in full working order some 30 years after they were first built.

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Semi-Mobile Sizer Stations

Our relocatable Semi-Mobile Sizer Stations take conveying efficiency further into the pit, and convey closer to the mine face.



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