High capacity, efficient mineral reduction

Sizer technology is the latest innovation in the crushing industry providing a compact and efficient way of comminution, both in underground and open pit operations. Currently MMD process over 80 different materials in more than 70 countries worldwide for primary, secondary or tertiary crushing operations.


Hard, soft, abrasive, sticky - There’s a Sizer for most materials

We have developed a range of Sizers; from 200 series through to 1500 series with an array of unique changeable tooth profiles and options, to efficiently deliver the product size and throughput you require.

Our experts are available to discuss and select the most suited machine for your project.

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High Capacity and Compact

The unique breaking action processes material quickly and efficiently, resulting in high production capacities and compact machines.

Sizers are capable of capacities in excess of 12,000 tonnes per hour.

Material: Medium/Hard Limestone
Capacity : 1,000TPH
Infeed Size : 750mm
Product Size : 250mm

All machines are shown at the same scale.

Hard Rock Sizing

Nearly 40 years of innovation means MMD Sizers are tough enough to handle material right through from soft coal (30 MPa) to hard granite (275 MPa).*

*All material subject to MMD analysis.

Wet & Sticky Sizing

The Twin Shaft Mineral Sizer, has the ability to process both wet sticky material and hard dry rock or a combination of both through the same machine.

Accurately Sized Product / Minimal Fines

The MMD Sizer controls the product size in all three dimensions while minimising the generation of dust and fine material.

Shock Protection

All MMD Sizers incorporate shock protection, preventing the machine from sustaining damage by steel or other unbreakable material.

Minimal Support Structure

The MMD Sizer requires very little supporting structure, providing high installation flexibility in fixed, semi-mobile or mobile units, whether mounted on a new installation or retrofitted onto an existing one.

Safe Automated Operation

The Sizer is designed to deliver simple operation and maintenance to promote a safe working environment. The Sizer can be remotely controlled and monitored and is also available fully automated to ensure continuous optimal performance.

Reject Facility

The deep scroll action inherently provides all MMD Sizers the ability to automatically reject oversize material.


3 Stages of Breaking

The tooth geometry subjects the material to bending, tension and shear forces reducing material in a quick effective 3 stage breaking action.

Rotating Screen Effect

The interlaced rotor design provides pockets for undersize material to fall freely through the machine without further degradation, minimising fines production and wear while maximising production.

Deep Scroll pattern

The deep scroll draws material along the shafts to utilise the full length and capacity of the Sizer. This feature also agitates the material around the machine to deliver the optimum breaking position.

All dimensions are in millimetres, and may vary dependant upon configuration. Not to Scale.
200 Series
350 Series
500 Series
625 Series
750 / 850 Series
1000 Series
1150 Series
1300 Series
1500 Series


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