Innovation Through Experience

Research, development and experience are prerequisites for innovation, and the foundation behind all we do. MMD thrives on creating original material processing solutions, helping shape the future of the mining industry and guiding it towards a sustainable future.

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Pushing the Boundaries

Our forward-thinking research and development team are continually at the cutting edge of mining innovation. In our more than 40 years as industry-leaders, MMD continue to evolve, expand and excel.

Sizers for Harder Rock

Our patented Sizer technology has been a revelation in the crushing industry, dispelling the myth that Sizers are only suitable for soft material processing. The MMD Sizers are sturdy, versatile and can easily deal with most materials, including hard rock.

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In-Pit Bulk Ore Sorting

With our revolutionary bulk ore sorting systems, your mining operations can expertly ensure valuable ore is separated from the waste. Ore pre-concentration not only improves production but also makes operations more efficient, so you’ll make significant strides in meeting your environmental targets.

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Fully Mobile SurgeLoader

The SurgeLoader is another of our industry-leading innovations. With an emphasis on decoupling the truck and shovel operations, the SurgeLoader optimises shovel utilisation, increases truck loading speed and capacity, and secures a safer, more sustainable operation.

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