COVID-19 Update

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Latest update: 2nd April 2020 - A message from our Group Managing Director

Dear Customers,

Like many businesses in the rapidly evolving social landscape we are experiencing, The MMD Group of Companies all over the world have implemented prudent precautions to protect our team from COVID-19. My primary focus will always be vested in our employees’ safety. After this consideration is achieved, the ability to keep our operations running compliantly with different governmental guidelines and as close to schedule as possible will be determinedly pursued, so we may continue to deliver timely product to our highly valued customers.

We also at MMD, take the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, suppliers and their respective families seriously and have enacted a number of measures to ensure any urgent matters or decision making can be conducted over VC platforms and electronic mediums. Each of our domestic boardrooms and their senior management teams have constant access to each other, to myself and to my own management team here in our headquarters on the Isle of Man.

All our companies will continue to follow, understand and take action as local government guidelines change or as domestic directors deem necessarily judicious. I am fully confident that my colleagues in all our international companies are taking measures to ensure that they continue to meet our highest standards to satisfy collectively all client, supplier and staff needs.

Within this global issue, where we are facing extraordinary times being met with unprecedented measures, I believe everybody has an important role to play and we intend to do our part.

Where possible, we have attempted to ensure that all your usual contact numbers will still be connected through to the relevant persons you hold relationships with, within the organisation.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your previous investment in our product and your continuous support in not only this difficult time, but into a more uncertain landscape to which we will all eventually emerge and adapt. It is our resilient industry’s way.

Please stay safe.

Martin Vorster,
Group Managing Director.

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