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Modern Plant, Modern Equipment

Modern Plant, Modern Equipment

After extensive trials on and off site, an Italian cement plant has recently replaced an old impactor with a primary 625 series and secondary 500 series sizers.

Range of material Processed
Range of material Processed.
Top: Hard Limestone
Bottom:Soft/sticky clay and Limestone
The plant, obtains a mixture of limestone and clay delivered by long haul truck, the consistency of which can vary from wet and sticky, to dry and hard depending where in the mine the material is taken from. Lumps of upto 600mm are fed into the primary sizer, and after two stages of material reduction the less than 50mm product is dropped onto a belt conveyor, leading to the stockpile. Located within the confines of where the old impactor operated, the two MMD Sizers, have been installed to improve and modernise the current operation, and bring some of the latest sizing technology to the plant. The new sizers have been successfully commissioned and are now into full operation, comfortably achieving the 200 TPH required.