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From Sales Engineer to Managing Director of MMD Thailand: The Story of Montree

Montree Pichayathana, Managing Director of MMD Mining Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Montree Pichayathana, a husband and dedicated father of two, embarked on a remarkable journey that led him from being a Salesperson to the esteemed position of Managing Director at MMD Thailand. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA degree, Montree's transition unfolded as a testament to his passion and adaptability.

Changing Industries

Montree's initial entry into MMD Thailand's team in 2006 marked the beginning of a transformative chapter in his professional life. Having spent several years in the oil and gas industry, he recognised the potential to apply his expertise to the mechanical aspects of mining. Starting in sales, Montree diligently forged connections with customers, delving into their needs and desires.

As his knowledge of the mining industry deepened, Montree's role evolved from Salesperson to Sales Engineer. His commitment to understanding the intricacies of the sector proved invaluable. For over 18 years, Montree's dedication and expertise culminated in his appointment as the Managing Director of MMD Thailand.

Most Memorable Memory

When asked about his most significant achievement, Montree fondly reminisced about a pivotal moment in 2012. MMD Thailand secured a substantial contract order worth 42 million US dollars from a single customer. This achievement was the culmination of years of effort, building a strong rapport with the customer and persistently demonstrating the unique value MMD Thailand offers. Overcoming initial skepticism from the customer, Montree and his team proved that MMD Thailand was the breakthrough solution they needed.

The Future of MMD Thailand

Montree's journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals in the mining industry. It exemplifies the power of determination, expertise, and strategic relationship-building. As Managing Director, Montree continues to steer MMD Thailand towards new horizons, ensuring the company's continued growth and success.

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