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Continuous Learning Opportunities: Andrew Mangan's Story

Andrew Mangan, Project Engineer at MMD Australia Pty Ltd

Andrew's Journey with MMD Group

Andrew Mangan has been a valuable member of MMD Group for the past six years. After graduating from high school, Andrew pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his studies, he gained experience working on steel-panelled water tanks, honing his fabrication skills and building strong relationships with clients. Andrew reflects on this period, saying, "These roles allowed me to develop my engineering and project management skills, which I have been able to apply to sizing equipment projects at MMD. Additionally, MMD has always encouraged my professional development, supporting me in staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in engineering and project management through external learning."

Role as a Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer at MMD, Andrew collaborates closely with clients to ensure that MMD equipment meets their specific needs and requirements. He plays a crucial role in overseeing the fabrication process, ensuring that the equipment is manufactured according to the latest drawings and adhering to client or third-party specifications. Andrew finds great motivation in the overall process, enjoying the opportunity to work with various teams within the company, from the initial sales contact to the final on-site installation. When asked about his proudest achievement, Andrew highlights his recent role as a Project Engineer on a ground-breaking Feeder Breaker project. This project marked the first-ever construction of its kind in Australia by MMD Australia Pty Ltd, presenting Andrew with significant challenges that allowed him to further develop his skills and expertise.

Andrew's Impact at MMD Australia Pty Ltd

At MMD, Andrew's background in Mechanical Engineering and his dedication to project management make him an invaluable asset. His passion for delivering high-quality solutions and his commitment to continuous improvement contribute to the company's success and reputation in the industry.

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