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Innovative Opportunities and Personal Growth: Emma Cross' Journey with MMD

Emma Cross, Technical Draughtsperson at MMD Design and Consultancy Ltd

Why did you decide to join the company?

I decided to join MMD because the company offers great opportunities for its staff such as career and academic development. MMD also had an innovative approach to mining machinery and its track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions resonated with my professional aspirations. The opportunity to be part of a dynamic team that was at the forefront of technological advancements in mining equipment was compelling and I am thankful that I decided to move here as I have finally found a job I look forward to attending.


What achievements are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my development of caps, my most recent work on cap design has helped to develop my knowledge in a technical sense and concerning modelling. I have been looking more into complex geometries and why we use the designs we do and how to progress them.  I have also been looking further into the maths behind our designs and the technical department is helping me further my knowledge of Math CAD and other calculations in order to design to the best of my ability.


How has your role evolved over the years?

I started MMD in February 2021 as a Trainee CAD Draughtsperson, I spent my time developing my knowledge of MMD’s procedures and processes and spent some time with amazing people who taught me an awful lot. After three years in CAD, I moved to my role as a Technical Draughtsperson and I have been heavily involved in the Sizer design, more often it's concept and cap design as we are constantly innovating and improving our products. I am always learning new things and endeavouring in new training so my role is continuously improving, and I am excited as to what MMD will teach me next.


What have you learned about yourself during this journey?

While working at MMD I have learned a plethora of lessons, mostly how to work with different people and handle difficult situations under time schedules. More importantly, I have learned my value and how to use my engineering knowledge correctly. As well as learning from mistakes, how to handle them correctly, and how to utilise the lessons to better myself and the people around me.


What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in the company?

I would advise newcomers to the company to have an open mind and most importantly, take your time as details matter. My time in the CAD office taught me that everything needs close attention.


What are your goals and aspirations going forward with the company?

My main goal is to become a Chartered Engineer. I am excited to develop designs that will improve the function of our machinery and adhere to evolving requirements and specifications and therefore, develop the possibilities accessible in the future and alleviate possible risks/issues before they materialise.

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