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From the Isle of Man to Mauritius: Jonathan Cain's Story

The remarkable career of Jonathan Cain, Managing Director MMD Green Mining Solutions (Mauritius) Limited. From his early days as an apprentice in aircraft manufacturing to his adventures serving in various regiments of the British Army.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

A. My name is Jonathan Douglas Cain and I was born on the 17th of May 1962. I am married and now have two children and one granddaughter. In 1978, I left school and started an apprenticeship at Ronaldsway Aircraft Company in the Isle of Man; the company manufactured and assembled the Martin Baker Ejection seat for the Royal Air Force.

After gaining experience by doing an apprenticeship, I then started to see a career in the military as a way to see the world and provide the adventure I craved; however, my parents were against it and insisted I finish my apprenticeship. I have always craved adventure and travel, as a kid I spent hours looking at encyclopaedias, looking at different countries, and imagining what it would be like to travel and experience different cultures.

In 1984, I completed my apprenticeship and decided to join the British Army, my original plan was to serve for 3 years and then come back to the Isle of Man; however, I found the military lifestyle suited me and the years just flew by. I left the British Army in 2006 having served for 22 years, during this time I served with a variety of Regiments, including;

  • Infantry, Signals, Armoured, and Artillery

Operational deployments include;

  • Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Middle East

After retiring from the Army, I found the transition quite difficult and therefore struggled to find where I wanted to continue my working career. I worked for a Civil Engineering Company, which I found interesting; I stayed with them for 3 years, before joining MMD.


Q. When did you first start with MMD and what made you apply?

A. I joined MMD in 2010, a friend of mine saw a job advert for GPHC in the Isle of Man local paper, cut it out, and gave it to me when we were out cycling; he had seen it and thought it would suit me. I did some background work on the company and it seemed to tick the boxes that I was looking for so decided to apply, the rest is history.

Q. Can you explain your career journey with MMD?

A. ‘Fast moving and lots of variety if you have a holistic approach.’

I started my career as GPHC Purchasing Manager in 2010, I spent some time in the UK getting familiarised with the equipment and the different departments. I then spent a period of time in China during the Pingshue FMS Project working closely with D&C, BMMD & HMC. In 2018, I was asked if I would be interested in moving to Mauritius and setting up a new office, of course, I said yes!

In January 2019, I moved to Mauritius and I am still here. I hope to finish my career with MMD in this role, but you never know with MMD. 

Q. Your most memorable moment at MMD/your biggest achievement

A. There have been so many over the years that it is impossible to list them all. However, if I were to choose one, I think the new office in Mauritius would have to be high on the list of achievements. I am very lucky to have supportive colleagues in the Group who have contributed to the success of GMS Mauritius. I am also proud to be part of an excellent team of people here in Mauritius who continually give their very best to any situation and challenges they are presented with.

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