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Unlimited Possibilities: Steven's MMD Journey

Steven Porter, IPSC Project Manager at MMD Design and Consultancy Ltd

This year marks Steven Porter’s 12th anniversary with MMD. He started his journey as an apprentice welder at the age of 17, yet his sights were already set on the design office. While working on the shop floor, Steven studied Mechanical Engineering on day release for 7 years. During this time, he was promoted to various roles within the CAD office and now holds the title of IPSC (In Pit Sizing and Conveying) Project Manager. Steven sees his time on the shop floor as invaluable in informing his decision-making in his current role.

“I have always enjoyed designing from an early age. I used to spend hours with Lego building my own creations. I think this led me on the career path I’m on today.”

Opportunities to travel the world

As a result of designing some MMD stations, including some underground units in Africa, this led Steven to more opportunities within the group. Having a worldwide presence allows our staff members to explore other countries and meet new people. Steven was given the opportunity to travel to China where he stayed there for several months working on the Compact Fully Mobile Sizing Station.

After gaining experience in China, Steven’s role evolved with his new skill set and he became the Mobile Equipment Designer, specializing in pit equipment. As he spent more time at MMD, he learned new skills which landed him where he is today as IPSC Project Manager.

Making connections globally

Steven says the best thing about working at MMD is the people; “It’s great to collaborate with a team of people who have a common goal, and I’m lucky enough to have worked with amazing people across the globe through MMD.” He believes that staying persistent and paying attention to detail are some of the most important lessons he’s learned while working for MMD. A motto Steven lives by is, “always measure twice, cut once”. In other words, plan and prepare thoroughly and carefully before acting.

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