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Bulk Ore Sorting Systems

Our revolutionary sorting solutions are the most efficient method of separating valuable ore from waste.

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Streamline ore recovery to reduce energy and water consumption

As extraction of lower ore grades become more prevalent, a smooth and streamlined mining system has never been more critical. Our advanced sensor based Bulk Ore Sorting solutions accurately analyses ore and removes unwanted waste early in the process. Pre-concentrating ore like this delivers new heights of processing efficiency, whilst helping operations achieve environmental and economic goals.

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Up to 20%

grade uplift

Up to 10%

better energy efficiency

Up to 10%

less water usage

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Research and Development

Such pioneering innovations as our Bulk ore sorting Solutions are devised thanks to our Research & Developmental culture.

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Sizing material in preparation for the sensor is key to achieving an accurate analysis. Our range of sizer solutions are wide and varied.

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