Combine the flexibility of trucks with the efficiency of conveyor

MMD have been producing semi-mobile IPSC units since the early 1980’s. Generally fed by a small fleet of trucks transporting material short distances from the mine face. The Sizer™ unit reduces material in preparation for efficient conveyor haulage out of the mine. As the mining face progresses these units are relocated occasionally to minimise the truck haulage distance.


Efficiency and Flexibility

Semi-mobile Sizer units leverage the flexibility of truck haulage together with the efficiency of conveyor haulage. This provides the ideal efficient solution for many mining scenarios where mining flexibility is vital, such as selective mining (blending), heavily faulted seams or irregular shaped ore bodies.

Modular Construction

Semi-mobile units are constructed in easy-to-assemble modules that can be relocated closer to the mine face by the MMD Atlas Transporter.


Through the use of the well established components such as the twin shaft Sizer and heavy duty apron plate feeder, MMD semi-mobile units deliver the reliability and robustness required for IPSC operations.

More Features

  • Bespoke solutions designed and optimised to meet mining requirements
  • Throughput capacities up to and over 10,000TPH
  • Low carbon emissions and environmental impact by using all electrical power
  • Automated material handling
  • Maintenance friendly


MMD have a worldwide network of offices with expertise and support services