The milestones. The innovations.

MMD is a worldwide company synonymous with producing innovative equipment for mining, quarrying and recycling applications, here’s a look at some of the developments since the company was founded.

MMD Founded

Founded by Alan Potts, Mining Machinery Developments (MMD) was setup to design and produce mining solutions for the underground UK coal industry, initially designing and manufacturing inline breakers.

Sizer™ Patented

Although inline breakers for the coal industry were a great success, MMD did not stand still with this technology and went on to invent and patent the twin shaft MINERAL SIZER™, producing the first ever 500 series Sizer in 1980. Sizer's were quickly adopted throughout the underground UK coal network.

Specialised Sizer Gearboxes

To harness the Sizer’s unique capabilities and cope with the demanding underground environment, MMD designed a specialised gearbox to deliver the outstanding reliability and performance Sizers are known for.

Sizers for Cement

Up to this point coal had been the main outlet for Sizers, however the Sizer's unique abilities started to be recognised and implemented in many other industries such as cement, metals, energy, precious stone, waste etc.

First Track Mounted Mobile Sizer (Underground Unit)

With the Sizer tried and tested in many applications, MMD developed track mounted stage loader’s and feeder breaker’s for underground coal applications, providing a reliable mobile alternative to the original inline breaker.

First Track Mounted Mobile Sizer (Open Pit)

First seen and tested at UK based Hope quarry, this open pit mobile Sizer was dump fed by excavators and could process over 1,000TPH of limestone.

First MMD Apron Plate Feeder

As the Sizer range grew and capacities increased MMD developed the apron plate feeder to provide a reliable high capacity feeding method. The first feeder installed was on a semi mobile Sizer unit installed in Spain in 1989 producing 3,000TPH; the highest capacity to date.

Track Mounted Mobile Sizer Incorporating Apron Feeder

The first track mounted mobile feeder-Sizer unit on a single chassis incorporating an Apron Feeder was built in 1991 sizing coal in Venezuela. Processing up to 3,000TPH the unit consisted of a D7 apron feeder, 1150 series Sizer and discharge conveyor which fed to two secondary Sizers also mounted on tracks.

First Large Semi Mobile with Dual Truck Bridges

The first of 3 large modular semi mobile units were delivered to a coal mine in Thailand. Trucks delivered up to 4,500TPH of overburden to each unit.

10,000TPH Reached

The first Sizer to achieve 10,000TPH were static units in Canada processing oil sands. Each unit incorporated a 1500 series Sizer, the largest Sizer we currently manufacture.

Semi-Mobile Unit Reaches 10,000TPH

Two semi mobile Sizer units each fitted with a 1500 series Sizer processed up to 10,000TPH of overburden from a copper mine in the US. This unit was re-located in 2 modules by a transporter.

First 10,000TPH Capacity Fully Mobile Sizer Unit

Having proved the MMD Sizer and feeder was capable of producing 10,000TPH, and could be mounted on a relocatable semi mobile unit, the next innovation was to design a high capacity unit and mount it all on tracks. Installed in Australia this unit set the benchmark for large scale fully mobile sizing. Relocated regularly the unit worked in unison with the excavator along the mine face processing overburden.

MMD Manufacturing Facilities Go Global

MMD had worldwide provision for sales, servicing and repair facilities, however manufacturing up to this point had been only in the UK. Due to demand another manufacturing plant was setup in Africa, and this was shortly followed by a manufacturing plant in China.

First ‘FMS 1500T’ Installed in China

After years of research and development, the most compact and high capacity mobile Sizer in the world is installed in China processing overburden. At almost half the size of the first high capacity mobile unit in 2002 this unit takes high capacity mobile sizing and IPSC to the next level.

MMD Transporter Developed

The first MMD Atlas 500T Transporter was installed in Africa to relocate semi mobile heavy structures around the mine with unmatched safety and control.

First Fully Mobile Surge Loader Developed

After extensive research and development MMD are currently manufacturing the first Fully Mobile Surge Loader, a revolutionary product which provides faster and more efficient loading for truck and shovel operations. Simulations have shown shovel utilisation can be increased to nearly 95%.

Patent Pending; UK Patent Application No. 1709467.3