Part 3: Three Semi-Mobiles & 400 Tonne Transporter bound for Thailand

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All three stations operational to the satisfaction of the customer at the Mae Moh mine in northern Thailand.

With all three Semi-Mobile Sizer Stations operating to the satisfaction of the customer, MMD's Atlas Transporter has already been utilised for the first relocation as part of the mine’s expansion plan, carrying each station over 2km to their next operating locations.

“This was our first time working with MMD and it was a pleasant experience. MMD were able to achieve the targets set for them and implemented the project effectively. They used their experience to solve unexpected problems along the way, allowing the project to run without interruption. Good communication and collaboration with all parties ensured the job was a success.” - Khun Sasavat Sirison, CEO Sahakol Equipment.

This does not mark the end of MMD’s involvement with the Mae Moh mine; MMD have been given instruction to overhaul the Sizers installed in 2001 for Phase 5, as well as providing a further Semi-Mobile Station and Transporter for the next phase of the mine’s expansion.

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Part 3

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