The Inventors of the Sizer™

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Revolutionising Mining with the MMD Sizer™: Pioneers in Efficient Mineral Processing

The creators of the well-known Sizer™, MMD (Mining Machinery Developments), are the innovators behind the ground-breaking equipment that is commonly used in the mining and quarrying sectors. In 1980, MMD introduced the twin shaft Mineral Sizer™, producing the first ever 500 series Sizer™. Since then, it has transformed the mining industry, reshaping the handling and processing of materials across diverse mining operations globally.

Unlocking the Power of the MMD Sizer™

The MMD Sizer™ sets itself apart from other crushers, demonstrating efficiency and reliability. Here is why it is the go-to choice for many mining companies:

1.       Versatility in Material Handling: The MMD Sizer™ effortlessly handles a diverse array of materials, including hard ores, abrasive substances, and challenging wet and sticky materials.

2.       Precision in Product Output: Unlike conventional crushing equipment, the MMD Sizer™ ensures a consistent and precise output of product shapes and sizes, preventing the passage of undesirable large fragments.

3.       Unmatched Breaking Efficiency: Operating on tensile and shear forces, the MMD Sizer™ boasts breaking efficiency levels approximately 10 times higher than crushers relying on compressive forces.

3 stage breaking

Continual Innovation at MMD

MMD's commitment to innovation is second to none. Through ongoing refinement and incorporating feedback from mining operators, MMD has evolved the MMD Sizer™ technology. Resulting in a diverse range of MMD Sizer™ models and sizes catering to primary, secondary, and tertiary sizing requirements, offering a tailored approach for every customer.

Explore MMD Sizer™ Technology

For comprehensive insights into the MMD Sizer™ and its transformative impact on mining operations, visit MMD Sizer™.

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