20 Years in China

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BMMD celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Founded in 1978, Mining Machinery Developments (MMD), a global producer of mining solutions, has grown considerably over the last 45 years. This month we celebrated our 20th Anniversary in China, recognising the achievements and dedication of personnel with a variety of different activities that can be seen on our social media accounts.

Where it all began

MMD was set up to design and produce mining solutions for the underground UK coal industry, initially designing and manufacturing inline breakers. After years of expanding into different countries around the world, MMD opened its first office in China in the 1990s. We then created a representative office in 1997 and registered Beijing Mining Machinery Developments (BMMD) in April 2002.

Since then, BMMD has grown from zero to its present state. BMMD now has two purpose-built factories and offices, with sales and service teams dedicated to servicing our customer's needs.

China Opening

BMMD success

Throughout its 20 years, BMMD has worked closely with MMD offices in South Africa, Europe, and Mauritius. BMMD has achieved many accomplishments over the past 20 years; they have sold over 700 MMD Sizers and Feeders, including more than 70 Semi-Mobiles. In 2022, BMMD sold 12 Semi-Mobiles to a single customer and this year, they had their biggest single order received in MMD Group's history worth approximately £24 million (equivalent to 220,000,000 Yuan).

During this journey, we have been fortunate enough to have continued support from our dedicated customers. They are one of the main reasons for our success and are the reason we continually deliver excellence. Our dedication to quality and innovation is down to the collaborative work we do with our customers.

BMMD’s dedicated sales teams continue to work hard to produce new and exciting relationships with brand-new clients whilst remaining energetic and persistent in delivering our unequalled service and assistance to our existing customers.


Thank you to our employees

As a company, we recognise our employee's efforts and how instrumental they’ve been in our journey, helping us build a reputation for excellence and reliability. The success is not solely about the magnificent equipment BMMD provides but also about the people who make it happen. The employees have shown consistent commitment, innovative thinking, and a tireless work ethic, ensuring that they meet and exceed the customers' expectations.


To conclude

With this in mind, as we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our journey within the industry in China, let us not only honour our achievements but also look forward to the exciting and incredible potential that lies ahead. Here’s to the future of supplying the mining industry with innovation, excellence, growth, and prosperity in China.

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